TRIO Symposium and Roundtable: Technology Innovation and Utility Engagement

Friday, June 9, 2017 - 9:00am to 3:30pm

The Technology Resource Innovation Outreach (TRIO) program is a statewide initiative in California designed to accelerate market introduction of energy efficient and related demand side management products and services by providing information, training, and access to energy utility resources. TRIO aims to promote early stage innovations that will contribute to California’s energy savings targets for the decades ahead, as well as meeting national goals for energy efficiency.

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9:00 AM        Breakfast and Networking

9:30 AM        Welcome, Safety Announcements, ETCC Overview and Program Updates       

10:00 AM      New Technology, New Delivery Models

The Internet of Things (IoT) has the promise of helping customers better manage their energy usage.  The marriage of smart hardware and customer usage data is key to unlocking this promise.  The morning session will be a high-level strategy conversation around Connected Home technology and how utilities plan to leverage the technology to support customers.  Following will be an overview of how technology partners can leverage customer usage data through Share My Data and Stream My Data.  Next, learn how to participate in the new meter-based savings platform with Residential Pay for Performance.  The session will end with audience Q&A.

11:45 AM      Networking Lunch (provided)        

1:00 PM        IOU 101 and the new regulatory environment

Many market actors are unfamiliar with the process of working with the California IOUs. The afternoon session will provide state-wide implementation context, including the state's regulatory framework and key policy drivers for energy efficiency and demand response.  The content will take a deeper dive into the process and incentives for working with utility energy efficiency programs.

1:45 PM        Break 

2:00 PM        Utility Presentations and Roundtable

After a short break, a representative from each IOU will share the nuances and specific requirements for engaging with each individual utility (10 min each). This will be followed by a moderated panel of all the utility reps who will answer audience questions.

3:00 PM        Utility Breakout Session

The breakout will allow meeting attendees to ask specific, individual questions of each utility as appropriate.  Utility representatives will be located around the room.

3:30 PM        Wrap-Up

PG&E Pacific Energy Center, 851 Howard Street, San Francisco, CA
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