Cost-Effective Computer Efficiency


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Computers consume nearly 10 terawatt-hours of electricity in California each year. These and other plug-loads will become an ever larger portion of electricity consumption in the state as California aggressively pursues lighting, heating, ventilation and air conditioning, and building envelope efficiency improvements. Although this is a daunting problem, the rate of technological change in the computer industry is rapid. New and innovative efficient technologies will continue to provide opportunities to reduce computer electricity consumption without sacrificing performance.

This study investigated, identified, and demonstrated cost-effective efficiency opportunities in desktop and notebook computers. These opportunities may ultimately inform the development of meaningful mandatory appliance efficiency standards in California.

(Note:  The original version of the report was posted on 12/16/2012.  An updated version with minor, non-substantive edits was completed on 1/22/2013 and posted on 3/13/2013.)

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