PGE - EnergyPro Nonresidential Software - Advanced

Wednesday, May 2, 2012 - 9:00am to 4:30pm

Description Learn how to model and document Title 24 compliance for commercial building designs. This is a class designed for users of the EnergyPro software who already have experience with the software.

Explore advanced envelope, lighting and mechanical design options and learn about new Title 24 requirements. Learn how to use EnergyPro for LEED and/or EnergyStar documentation. Find out about opportunities for energy-efficiency incentives for efficient building designs under the Savings By Design incentive program. 

Special Note: We will provide computers for hands-on software training.

Audience Level This course is intended for experienced users of EnergyPro, a Windows-based software tool designed to prepare compliance documentation for Nonresidential Title 24 requirements.
  • Introductions and Overview
  • Building Envelope Topics
    • Modeling of Construction Assemblies using the new Joint Appendix IV Tables
    • Modeling Fenestration U-Factors and SHGCs using NRFC procedures
    • Modeling Fenestration U-Factors and SHGCs using CEC default tables
    • Utilization of Overhangs and Sidefins to reduce solar gains
    • Modeling procedures for the New Cool Roof requirements
    • New mandatory Skylight requirements
    • Exporting reports to AutoCAD
  • Lighting Topics
    • Basic Modeling of Lighting Fixture technology
    • Lighting Control strategies to save energy
    • Indoor Lighting Title 24 requirements
    • Outdoor Lighting Title 24 requirements
  • Mechanical Topics
    • The Title 24 Standard Building: What is it?
    • Hydronic Heat Pumps: Using the Hydronic Tab in EnergyPro for Cooling Towers
    • How to model water cooled DX systems
    • Chiller Staging: The staging of chillers can help reduce cooling energy use
    • DOE-2 Reports – Detailed information at your fingertips
    • Building Operation Schedules
    • No-compliance Analysis: EnergyPro allows unrestricted modeling of all inputs
    • Utility Rates: Make energy efficiency decisions using energy cost estimates
    • Load Calculations: How to use different design conditions
    • District Central Plant: How to address multiple buildings or multiple loops
    • Radiant Floor Systems: Modeling in the Central System Library
    • MECH-3: How to control the Ventilation Numbers
    • CO2 Sensors: New Mandatory Requirements
    • Ground Source Heat Pumps: Modeling simplifications
    • Life Cycle Cost Tool: Fast and Easy Calculations with EnergyPro
  • Questions/Discussion/Post-class Evaluation
  • Course Adjourns
Instructor(s) Martyn Dodd
Having written software used in California for Title 24 energy code compliance over three decades, Mr. Dodd is principal of EnergySoft, a Bay Area company that specializes in performance based energy analysis. He is one of the original authors of the 1992 Nonresidential Alternative Calculation Method (ACM) manual, which defines the rules for code compliance software. It has become the model for both national and international code compliance software procedures.

Mr. Dodd is the author of the EnergyPro, COMPLY 24, and Perform 2001 software programs, which are used extensively throughout California for code compliance. He also wrote the NECB Comply software for the government of Canada, used for performance-based code compliance with the Model National Energy Code of Canada.

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Cost No fee for this program
Credits AIA: 6 (HSW/SD)






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