PGE - Insulation: The Most Important Energy Feature in a Green Home?

Thursday, April 19, 2012 - 9:00am to 4:00pm

Also Offered June 04 (Monday, 9:00 am to 4:00 pm) Stockton--ETC
Description Air sealing and thermal insulation that performs properly are the most critical components of a high performance new home or a retrofit project. The way the industry typically installs insulation reduces comfort, increase utility bills, and generates callbacks and liability issues for builders. Both the Quality Insulation Installation (QII) and Thermal Bypass Checklist are required in new Energy Star homes, and Title 24 offers compliance credit for QII. This class is for home builders, contractors, HERS raters, and energy consultants who want to get the envelope to really perform.
Audience Level This full-day class is for home builders and insulation installers who want to earn Title 24 compliance credit for Quality Insulation Installation, and for HERS raters who inspect and verify that QII and Thermal Bypass Checklist criteria have been achieved in new homes.
Introductions and Safety Announcements
How insulation works and how its performance is measured & tested
Benefits of QII and Thermal Bypass Checklist: whole building impacts
Common installation misconceptions and problem areas found in homes
Title 24 compliance credit for QII: benefits & magnitude
Overview of PG&E’s Residential New Construction program
Energy Star Home program requirements: QII & Thermal Bypass Checklist
Title 24 compliance credit for QII: documentation requirements
Inspection & verification training of insulation installations
Wrap-up, Q&A, Post-course evaluation
Instructor(s) Rick Chitwood
Richard (Rick) Chitwood, founder of Chitwood Energy Management in Mount Shasta, California, is an expert in energy-efficient residential building construction, diagnostic testing, and performance evaluation. He has extensive hands-on experience working with builders to improve the energy efficiency of new homes and with homeowners and remodelers to improve the thermal comfort and energy performance of existing homes.

Rick is a leader in the building science-based house-as-a-system approach to green home energy design and retrofits. As lead trainer for the California Building Performance Contractors Association (, he teaches residential building professionals how to achieve high-performance thermal boundaries and energy-efficient mechanical systems.

Rick has participated in research projects involving extensive field-testing and data collection on California homes, and he advised the California Energy Commission on development of Quality Insulation Installation criteria for the 2005 Building Energy Efficiency Standards. He is also the author of several articles, including the "New Construction Report Card" series in Home Energy Magazine.

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