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The Emerging Technologies Coordinating Council (ETCC) uses the Idea Proposal Form to screen, score and select product, program and service ideas for incorporation in ETCC utility-members’ emerging technology programs. ETCC Idea Proposals are evaluated based upon a variety of factors including but not limited to proven benefits and costs, technology, production, distribution and market information, and available funding.


  1. Complete all required fields (marked with a red star)
  2. Include up to three attachments necessary to make your submission clear and comprehensive (e.g., product literature and links, warranty information, lab and third party test results or other documents that will support your product, program and/or service proposal)
  3. An ETCC representative will review your submission and may contact you with questions or recommended next steps.

DISCLAIMER: Provision of this form and receipt of a proposal and any information attached thereto in no way constitutes ETCC’s or its member utilities’ acceptance or support of the proposed technology or idea in any way whatsoever. All submittals are the property of the ETCC and its member utilities. Neither the ETCC nor any utility or agent acting on its behalf assumes any liability resulting from the information or application of apparatus, methods or processes disclosed in a proposal and/or any information attached thereto. Any use of or reliance on this form, a proposal and/or any information attached thereto by a third party shall be at the third party’s sole risk. The ETCC, its member utilities and their agents will endeavor to keep proposal information confidential, but specifics may be disclosed to the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) and its agents and contractors as required in accordance with CPUC data collection requirements.

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