California ISO training course - Coming January 11

The California Independent System Operator (or CAISO) is the independent, non-profit entity that oversees the operation of California's large-scale power systems, transmission lines, and markets. The CAISO is one of the largest ISOs in the world, delivering 300 million megawatt-hours of electricity each year and managing about 80% of California's electric flow. And on January 11, CAISO is offering a 2-hour course starting at 10 am PST on the basics of the organization and and how newcommers can navigate the ISO business process.

The following are among the topics covered:

• The role of the ISO

• ISO governance, leadership and coordination

• Reliability and planning

• Markets and operations

• Electronic systems

Participants will receive a toolkit providing links for more information on each topic.

Interested parties can RSVP by January 11, 2017 to receive details for the teleconference and web conference sign in.