Novel sensor package may add extra smarts to smart home hubs

One major challenge to consumers adopting smart home technologies are the myriad of ecosystems, communication channels, and other compatibility obstacles. So instead of a centrally-controlled smart home that can realize maximum energy and non-energy benefits, consumers are often left to interact with a patchwork of different gadgets that sometimes play nicely together and sometimes do not. There are an increasing number of home hubs or other control strategies, but nothing has emerged yet as a clear universal solution. Now, a group of researchers at Carnegie Mellon have developed a sensor-rich observation device that independently monitors many different characteristics of a room and can apply machine learning to address any potential energy waste or other problems in the room. Though the device appears to only be intended for monitoring at this point, it appears as though the researchers have larger plans for the technology that may enable it to both provide a means to connect disparate smart home ecosystems, while also adding additional intelligence to all the appliances in a room, including their interactions with one another.

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