South Australia tops California with massive battery installation

Several months ago, Elon Musk famously stated that he could solve some of Australia’s grid bottleneck problems by installing a 100 MW battery in 100 days “or it is free.” Today, the state of South Australia took him up on his offer by announcing a 100 MW/127 MWh battery system tied into a wind farm. In doing so, the installation will snatch the honor of largest battery installation from Southern California Edison, which recently christened an 80 MW battery system (also produced by Tesla). When the SCE bettery went live, it, along with two companion projects in the state, represented a sizeable portion of the entire global battery production of 2016! So these sorts of battery installations truly are massive. And with Tesla ramping up manufacturing at the company’s Gigafactory at the same time that other battery makers growing spectacularly, it’s likely that this new record won’t last long either. Interestingly, this announcement also comes the same day Tesla launches it’s “affordable” Model 3 sedan. Though Tesla has been accused of overhyping their achievements and ambitions, this does mark pretty big day for the company. 

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