Purpose and Goals

ETCC Purpose: The ETCC supports ETP efforts in the advancement of energy efficiency and demand response initiatives through its leadership, impact and influence in the emerging technology domain. It pursues this objective by strategically engaging with a wide range of external ET stakeholders and effectively and efficiently managing coordination among ETCC members.

ETCC Goals: The ETCC operates to achieve the following core goals:

  1. Expand knowledge and capabilities of ETCC member organizations by attracting new technology ideas, solutions, methodologies and collaboration opportunities and by aligning members’ contributions and roles in validating and assisting in the introduction of promising new technologies.
  2. Support innovators’ new technology activities by increasing the visibility of ET resources and opportunities for engagement with ETCC members.
  3. Strengthen the knowledge and capabilities of ET stakeholders by sharing project results, methodologies and collaboration opportunities.
  4. Assist EE and DR programs by communicating program needs, requirements and future direction to entities that can provide new and underutilized technology solutions.   
  5. Support California regulatory and policy objectives by enabling ET communication and collaboration and by informing California’s regulators and policy makers on advanced technology trends and opportunities to facilitate technology adoption.