5-Ton Indirect Evaporative HVAC

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Electric Energy Savings
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Evaporative Cooling
HVAC, Commercial
Southern California Edison (SCE)
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Project Summary

The 5-Ton Indirect Evaporative Heating, Ventilating, and Air Conditioning (HVAC) report captures the tests for performance and efficiency of a 5-ton indirect evaporative hybrid roof top air-conditioning unit developed primarily for the small commercial market segment. Southern California Edison’s (SCEs) Emerging Technologies Program identified the 5-ton indirect evaporative Hybrid Roof Top unit (RTU) by Coolerado Corporation as one possible solution suitable for California’s arid climate. This technology works on the principle of Maisotsenko refrigeration cycle, or M-cycle. The technology performs heat exchange - using a two-stage cooling technique to lower the outside air temperature that is ultimately delivered to the conditioned space.

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