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2003 - N/A

This project's goal is to understand the impact of power quality on California industries and assess the technical and economic criteria for developing effective technologies for power quality mitigation. This information will help improve the productivity of California industries by reducing the impact of power quality through targeted R&D based on the needs of particular industrial segments.

The proliferation of sensitive electronic loads has raised concern in many California businesses about the quality of power and its potential negative impact on productivity, downtime costs, lost product, energy utilization, global competitiveness, and the environment. The Commission has a programmatic approach to invest in the R&D of new power quality mitigation technologies. One critical feedback that is required in order to channel the future R&D needs for power quality mitigation technologies is to clearly understand the unique power quality problems affecting California industries and the loss of productivity due to power quality problems. There is a need for obtaining credible feedback from California industries regarding power quality problems and their impact.

This project supports the PIER program objectives of:
• Improving the Reliability/Quality of California's Electricity by developing knowledge and tools to solve power quality problems that cause equipment failures and process disruptions.
• Improving the Energy Cost/Value of California's Electricity by reducing process inefficiency associated with power quality disturbances.

Proposed Outcomes:
1. Identify the characteristics of energy storage requirements and power quality mitigation characteristics for emerging technologies that can be applied by customers for power quality mitigation.
2. Assess the cost impact of power quality on California industries and define a target range for mitigation hardware cost in $/kW or $/kVA.

Actual Outcomes: The project team developed and distributed a survey to identify the perceptions of California industries regarding the quality of power they receive, the most common issues, and the most appropriate R&D to undertake to solve the problems faced by industry. The survey results were analyzed, and a final report was submitted to the Commission. Conclusions were the need for the following:
1. Training and education of California's commercial and industrial energy consumers;
2. Power quality monitoring programs by utilities and their customers;
3. Development of mitigating technologies;
4. Field investigative services and technology demonstration;
5. An expanded power quality knowledge base;
6. Creation and expansion of power quality standards for end-use equipment.

This information will help improve the productivity of California industries by reducing the impact of power quality on sensitive loads, and by avoiding downtime costs and lost product.

Status: The project is complete.