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Assessment of Liquid Desiccant Technology Integrated with HVAC Unit in a Supermarket
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Investor Owned Utilities 
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2010 - 2012

The liquid dessicant air conditioner (LDAC) report seeks to perform an assessment of LDAC in a supermarket application. The assessment involves reviewing and analyzing field- monitored data collected by a third-party contractor, as well as electrical and natural gas billing. The project focuses on evaluating the effects of LDAC on the indoor humidity and total building energy use. It is important to note that this assessment was initiated at a later stage of the project when system retrofit and data collection was already concluded. Therefore, the involvement of Southern California Edison (SCE) engineers was limited to the review and analysis of the contractors’ previously collected data. The electrical energy savings due to lowered store humidity ratio was expected to come from the reduction in latent load of refrigerated display cases. Space humidity ratio has a direct impact on the cooling load of refrigerated display cases, frost buildup on the evaporator coils, defrost duration and energy, and operation of anti-sweat heaters. The ultimate effect is on refrigeration system power and energy, as well as product quality and shelf life.

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