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Customer Power Conditioning Solutions
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2005 - N/A

The purpose of this project was to address the power quality (PQ) issues facing commercial and industrial energy users who are using devices that are more sensitive to PQ variations. Sensitive loads often are in extensive networks and automated processes, and many larger loads use power electronics for power conversion. These new, technology-driven changes have created a growing concern in many California businesses about the quality of power and its potential negative impact on productivity, downtime costs, and lost product. These concerns focus on power quality mitigation equipment, that is, power conditioning equipment that can protect loads from PQ variations.

EPRI research efforts have identified voltage sags and momentary interruptions as the two most important categories of California's power quality variations affecting end users. Traditional power quality mitigation technologies such as uninterruptible power supply (UPS) systems can effectively address these problems, but at a substantial cost. EPRI's Target 35 provides information about the best and most cost-effective power conditioning equipment available, and the technical expertise to help California ratepayers use the equipment properly. This target provides information on power conditioning issues, along with guidance on the proper selection, application, and installation of power conditioning equipment. It also identifies and demonstrates new and innovative technologies with high commercialization potential such as Advanced Flywheels, Advanced Voltage Regulator/UPS and Line Fault Protector, and Voltage Sag Ride-Through Devices.

State-of-the-art power electronics provide higher-performing solutions, integrating voltage regulation for entire customer loads, and UPS for a defined priority load. Built-in load management allows customers to prioritize loads to keep all loads supported through voltage sag and critical loads supported through an extended outage. The price point is very attractive when compared to existing UPS or voltage regulator systems. Using an advanced voltage regulator/UPS and line fault protector to power equipment through voltage sags and momentary interruptions could eliminate California industry and ratepayer power quality interruptions.

This project supports the PIER Program objective of:
• Improving the reliability/quality of California's electricity by providing knowledge to California ratepayers about how to mitigate power quality problems that cause equipment failures.