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Effective Useful Life (EUL) for LED Lighting Applications
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Investor Owned Utilities 
Lighting, Other
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2013 - 2017

LED technology for general lighting has reached a point where it is widely available in all major market segments:  residential, commercial, industrial, and outdoor. Throughout each of these segments, LED technology has matured to provide an efficient replacement for a variety of lighting technologies, including incandescent, halogen, compact fluorescent, linear fluorescent, high-pressured sodium, metal halide, and more. Furthermore, the cost of LED products has declined significantly over the past decade. With initial costs falling significantly due to more efficient manufacturing as well as utility incentives, consumers are beginning to embrace the new technology. 

However, many questions still remain around LED technology for general lighting. Of primary concern is the question, “Will an LED fixture last as long as the manufacturer claims?” This is an important question because long life allows for greater payback and increased customer satisfaction.  

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