Emerging Technologies (ET) Energy Efficient Commercial Food Service Equipment Demo and Showcase

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Food Service Industry
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Electric Energy Savings
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Energy Conservation
Pacific Gas and Electric (PG&E)
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Six sites were selected for assessment, monitoring, and evaluation of results. As mentioned in table ES1, restaurant types ranged from fine dining to casual dining to catering. Each piece of equipment listed in table ES1 above was selected from the California Energy Wise program’s list of energy-efficient cooking appliances (www.fishnick.com/saveenergy/rebates/).

The appliances have been tested under the regimented guidelines of ASTM foodservice equipment standard test methods, developed by the FSTC and adopted by industry consensus, and were determined to meet the minimum energy-efficiency thresholds to qualify for the program. The appliances utilize design innovations to achieve energy savings, including increased insulation, enhanced or advanced heat exchange, thermostatic controls, or metered steam generation technology. Table ES2 – ES7 describe both the existing appliances and replacement appliances as well as the essential energy-efficient design features of each.

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