Field Assessment of Residential Radiant Ceiling Panel Space Conditioning Systems

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Electric Energy Savings
Gas Energy Savings
Product Evaluation
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HVAC, Residential
Pacific Gas and Electric (PG&E)
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Project Summary

The primary project goal was to field evaluate radiant panel performance, and to compare performance to that of conventional HVAC systems. A detailed study of field performance would help define best practices and identify opportunities for improving and optimizing these systems. Other objectives included:

  • Assessing heating and cooling performance for purposes of panel sizing to meet cooling and heating loads
  • Characterizing the risk of moisture damage resulting from condensation on cooled panel surfaces, and identifying methods of avoidance
  • Comparing the relative performance of two radiant panel products
  • Comparing performance of radiant vs. “reference”  forced air systems in terms of comfort provided and energy use
  • Developing data to aid statewide compliance and national standards programs
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