Freeze Point Suppression Cooling System with Embedded Thermal Energy Storage for Refrigeration Application

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Electric Energy Savings
Product Evaluation
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Energy Conservation
Heat Recovery
Refrigeration, Commercial
Southern California Edison (SCE)
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This laboratory study evaluates an FPS cooling system that is capable of cooling and storing energy for later use. Cooling is delivered by circulating cold liquid freeze point suppressant. The prototype is built as a 1kilowatt (kW) system for testing purposes, to represent an add-on retrofit for an LT refrigeration application. For field installations, the unit will be integrated into the refrigeration system of the facility, and will use mechanical ice harvesting. As integration into a larger MT refrigeration system is not possible in a laboratory environment, the prototype unit relies on off-the-shelf commercial icemakers for ice production. As a result, the prototype used in this project is not anticipated to achieve a high electrical efficiency level. However, data gathered will be sufficient to assess the prototype’s impact on LT refrigeration loop.

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