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Project Title 
Hybrid Rooftop AC with Dual Evaporative Pre-Cooling Performance Evaluation
Project Number 
ET13SCE7090 / ET13SCE7120
Investor Owned Utilities 
Project Year(s) 
2013 - 2015

This project gathered field data to demonstrate and understand the performance of a hybrid rooftop air conditioner that uses dual-evaporative pre-cooling, essentially a rooftop unit (RTU) that employs the technology used to define the Western Cooling Challenge. The technology is expected to save energy and demand two ways:

a) by cooling the outdoor air being delivered to the RTU indoor coil, and thereby reducing how much cooling it needs to perform, and

b) by reducing the air temperature seen by the RTU condenser coil, thereby decreasing refrigerant pressure and the work that needs to be done by the compressor.

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