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LED MR16 Lighting System
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Investor Owned Utilities 
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2007 - 2008

Project Summary

The MR16 is a standard format for halogen light sources. The term MR16 stands for ‘multifaceted reflector’ and 16 eights of an inch diameter. The mirror reflector in the MR16 allows the light to be directed from the small halogen filament in a highly focused beam with little spill light. MR16 lamps are typically used in applications where the light needs to be directed. LED MR16 systems are designed to replace standard halogen MR16 systems. Some LED MR16 systems are drop in replacements into existing MR16 fixtures and lighting systems, while other LED MR16 systems require matching drivers as well. Although LED MR16 systems still carry the MR16 name, it does not have multifaceted reflectors like the halogen counterpart. From the end-user perspective, the LED MR16 lamps would work the same way a standard halogen MR16 would, but without the high temperature and energy consumption. From the technical perspective, the LED MR16 either has a driver integrated in the lamp, or a remote LED driver somewhere in the fixture. Typical MR16 lamps with integrated drivers would accept 6, 12, or 24 volts from the existing fixture and adjust it to suit the LED chip voltage and current needs. For MR16 LED systems with remote drivers, the driver would change the main power to the proper voltage required by the LED MR16 lamps. The lines from the driver would carry the proper voltage and current to the LED MR16 lamps.

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