Residential VC Space ConditioningBuildings III: Sub-Project A

Project Number: 
ET13SCE1220; DR13.06.00
Start Year: 
End Year: 
Markets Segments: 
Project Type: 
Demand Savings
Electric Energy Savings
Product Evaluation
Type of Technology: 
HVAC, Residential
Project Status: 
Applied Research
Savings Type: 

Because residential variable capacity air conditioning (VCAC) may be a potential enhancement or additional resource for utility programs, this research study investigated VCAC for energy efficiency and demand response (DR) programs for residential space conditioning. The investigation included a technical survey of available equipment, a laboratory assessment of three VC air conditioners of varying SEER, and a field study of the three VC systems over a California cooling season. The study demonstrates the potential efficiency and DR capabilities of the VC equipment for California residences and utility programs. 

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