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2014 - 2017

SCE is committed to the advancement of the food service industry and is part of a statewide team offering a food service qualifying product list that identifies the most-efficient commercial kitchen appliances within a specific appliance category. The qualifying appliances are eligible to receive incentives for their use. Currently, rethermalization (“retherm”) ovens are not listed as one of the appliance categories on the food service qualifying list. Furthermore, committee members determined laboratory test data were needed to create a new ASTM test standard, ASTM F 3216, Test Method for Performance of Rethermalization Ovens.

Rethermalization ovens are heated cabinets used to reheat previously prepared, stored and chilled food product to serving temperature all while retaining the food product’s color, flavor, texture and nutrients. Retherms are popular among schools, hospitals, prisons, and other institutional facilities that use centralized kitchens to mass produce food product that can be reheated for fast and easy service. Retherms have low emissions and, therefore, do not require a ventilation hood. As a result, retherms are increasingly popular due to lower upfront capital investment compared to a full commercial cook line. The main cavity is accessed by doors leading to a heated cabinet.  They can be factory configured to hold pans or baskets depending on customer preference.

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