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Smart Mode Pressure Independent Control Valves for Chilled Water Systems Field Evaluation
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2015 - 2016

This report provides a summary of the results of measurement of energy-smart pressure independent control valves used in a chiller system at a university. The concept of the use of these type of valves is to reduce pumping and chilled water production energy by measuring the actual energy output in British thermal units (BTUs) of each of the coils and adjusting the temperature difference across the coil to a more efficient operating value. This project entails measurement and verification at two buildings on campus, the Student Health Center and Welch Hall, an instructional building comprised mostly of administration offices.   
The project involves the installation and testing of six (6) chilled water valves in two buildings on a university campus. Three were installed on air handling units (AHUs) in the Student Health Center and three were installed Welch Hall. In general, the coil ratings and settings (temp, etc.) varied across all six AHUs. Each AHU served several spaces with a Variable Air Volume (VAV) system. The two buildings are served from a main central plant (CP) that provides chilled water to most of the campus.

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