ET Summit 2021: Tuesday, November 16

8:45 to 10:15 a.m. – How Smart Can Homes Get? The Latest in Smart Home RD&D

Moderator: Mark Martinez | Senior Portfolio Manager, Demand Response Emerging Markets | Southern California Edison

Smart Home Technology and Market Trends

Speaker: Bryan Jungers | Senior Research Manager, Technology Assessment | E Source

Smart home technology has evolved over the last 10 years, from a nerdy novelty to a mainstream must-have. This presentation will provide a brief state-of-the-market update on smart home technologies in North America. Find out what devices customers already own, which features and benefits they care about most, and how utility programs can capitalize on this growing consumer demand.

Voice Assistants for Customer Engagement and Customer Programs

Speaker: Siva Sankaranarayanan | Senior Technical Leader | Electric Power Research Institute

This presentation will share the results of an emerging technologies project conducted by SDG&E and EPRI on the application of Amazon Alexa for improving customer engagement and energy management for customers under time-of-use rates. The study specifically addressed the potential for improved customer engagement and if it leads to better energy management. The study also explored the option of using end-use device signaling as a means to automate energy management and how it works in conjunction with customer engagement through Alexa.

An EPRI Supplemental Project co-funded by SDG&E's Emerging Technologies—Energy Efficiency and Demand Response Programs.

Residential Behavior Change from a Time-of-Use Display

Speaker: Hal T. Nelson, PhD | CEO | Res-Intel
Panelist: Hunter Johnson | Data Scientist | Res-Intel

This presentation will share the results of a collaboration between Res-Intel and SDG&E that evaluated a residential time-of-use display and demand response messaging project in 2020. The display reduced peak summer electricity consumption on hot days by 3 to 8 percent from baseline use, primarily by customers with above-average levels of consumption.

An integrated demand-side management project co-funded by SDG&E's Emerging Technologies—Energy Efficiency and Demand Response Programs.

Smart Speakers, the Connected Home, and Energy

Speaker: Randy Robinson, Jr. | Project Manager | Southern California Edison

In this short presentation, learn how SCE is utilizing emerging technologies, such as smart speakers, to create impactful products and programs that help customers better manage energy usage, reduce their carbon footprint, and contribute to managing the energy grid.

This project was funded by SCE’s Emerging Products and Technologies Group.

Using Smart Speakers for TOU and Notification

Speaker: Albert Chiu | Product Manager | Pacific Gas and Electric Company

In this presentation on demand response emerging technology, PG&E evaluates leveraging smart speakers to educate customers on time-of-use (TOU) and using smart speakers to communicate event information such as SmartDays and public safety power shutoffs (PSPS) to customers.

This project was funded by PG&E’s Emerging Technologies Program.

11 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. – HVAC and Water Heating Solutions for Single-Family and Multi-Family Residential Customers

Moderator: Mark Rehley | Senior Manager, Codes and Standards | Northwest Energy Efficiency Alliance

​Implementing Advanced Fuel-Fired Combined Space and Water Heating Systems as an Energy Efficiency Measure in California


  • Tim Kingston | Director, R&D | GTI
  • Ryan Kerr | Senior Manager, Emerging Technologies | GTI

The California TRM now supports fuel-fired combined space and water heating (combis) as a deemed energy efficiency measure. This presentation will provide a portfolio of proven combi-system approaches that can be implemented in utility programs for residential applications.

Emerging Technologies Using Heat Recovery for Domestic Hot Water Delivery

Speaker: Doug Lindsey | Technical Leader | Electric Power Research Institute

This presentation will introduce concepts and technologies that aim to recapture energy from hot water that goes down the drain. By recovering this wasted energy, less energy will be needed to heat water, either by preheating cold water or by transferring the waste heat to a refrigerant in a heat pump.

SCE's Emerging Technologies Program provided technical assistance during the evaluation of some of these systems.

Technology Transformation: Multifamily/Commercial Heat Pump Water Heater Systems

Speaker: Jonathan Heller | President | Ecotope, Inc.

The presentation will describe the creation of a new class of water heating products: commercial heat pump water heating (CHPWH) systems. While air-to-water heat pumps are not new, they have captured a very small portion of the water heater market due to the cost, complexity, and risk associated with the design, installation, and operation of these systems. Ecotope has been working with CHPWH manufacturers with funding from Bonneville Power Administration, NEEA, and others aligned with the Advanced Water Heating Initiative to shift to a standardized systems approach in the development and delivery of CHPWHs to the marketplace.

SCE's Emerging Technologies Program is involved in evaluation of application of these systems.