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CA IOUs Demand Response Emerging Technologies Program Webinar


This webinar will provide stakeholders with an overview of each IOU’s current Demand Response Emerging Technologies (DRET) research focus and activities. The DRET program is administrated by Southern California Edison (SCE), Pacific Gas & Electric (PG&E), and San Diego Gas & Electric (SDG&E) (collectively “IOUs”). The DRET program funds research projects intended to further develop technologies and equipment, processes, and products to make demand response easier or more effective in the future.


Speakers: Mark Martinez, SCE; Albert Chiu, PG&E; Jeff Barnes, SDG&E

Host: Nicholas Connell, APTIM 


  • Introductions: 9:00am–9:10am 
  • About DRET: 9:10am–9:20am 
  • PG&E: 9:20am–9:50am
  • SDG&E: 9:50am–10:10am
  • SCE: 10:10am–10:40am
  • Available resources: 10:40am–10:45am
  • Q&A
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Non-ETCC Events