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ETCC Quarterly Meeting


The Changing Landscape of Commercial Building Energy Efficiency Programs

Hosted by Pacific Gas & Electric (PG&E)

The long-standing goal of California’s Statewide Commercial EE Programs is to offer commercial customers the products and services to overcome the market barriers that impact adoption and implementation of energy efficient solutions. The changing landscape in California around energy policy, building codes, and technologies, however, has had a significant impact on commercial program strategies and is encouraging new approaches to solution implementation. Through emerging trends in Smart Meter data analytics, enabling technologies and integrated systems-based energy efficiency solutions, the path toward comprehensive, large-scale savings in commercial buildings is being paved.

Industry and utility experts will discuss the current Commercial EE strategy landscape, challenges and future strategic visions related to commercial building energy efficiency solutions from three perspectives: Utility Programs, Customers, and Products/Technologies.  A panel of experts will also discuss tactics that support the strategic visions in the changing California environment and the future of commercial whole building approaches to energy efficient solutions.

Session slides are included below


9:30 AM


10:00 AM

Welcome, Safety and ETCC Updates

Mananya Chansanchai, Interim Program Lead, Emerging Technologies | PG&E

10:20 AM

Commercial Program Strategy and Current Landscape of Energy Efficiency in Commercial Buildings

Aaron Berndt, Manager, Commercial Programs| PG&E

10:45 AM

The Split-Incentive Dilemma

    Defining the split-incentive challenge

    General strategies to address split incentives for medium to large commercial customers 

Derek Fletcher, Sr. Program Manager, Commercial Programs | PG&E | Discussion Leader

Diane Vrkic, President | Waypoint Building Group

11:15 AM

Product Development Strategy

    Focus on Commercial HVAC

    Key trends that can influence technology development

    Insight into the product needs of the utility programs

Mangesh Basarkar, Sr. Program Manager, Commercial Programs | PG&E | Discussion Leader

Keith Forsman, Senior Product Manager, Commercial HVAC | PG&E

Mel Johnson, Manager-Program/Projects, Strategic Innovation & Implementation | SoCal Edison

Jeremy Reefe, Program Advisor | SDG&E

Peter Tanios, Customer Programs Advisor | SoCal Gas

12:00 PM


12:45 PM

Emerging Technologies Support of Commercial Programs

    How do the various ETCC member ET Programs support the strategic vision of commerical programs?

    How can ETP play a role as the landscape changes?

Jonathan Livingston, Principal | Livingston Energy Innovations | Moderator

Mananya Chansanchai, Interim Program Lead, Emerging Technologies | PG&E

Edwin Hornquist, Manager, Emerging Technologies Program | SCE

Abdullah Ahmed, Manager, Emerging Technologies Program | SoCalGas

Nate Taylor, Project Manager, Emerging Technologies | SDG&E

Bruce Baccei, Project Manager, Energy Efficiency & Renewables | SMUD

Beth Chambers, Lead for Energy Efficiency Research Policy | CEC

1:45 PM


2:00 PM

Roundtable Discussion: Commercial Whole Building Approaches

    The use case for whole building approaches

    The role of Smart Meter data

    Engaging the market

    Comprehensive energy efficiency solutions

Peter Turnbull, Principal | PG&E | Moderator

Leo Carrillo, Principal Product Manager, Information Products | PG&E

Devin Rauss, Project Manager, DSM Strategic Planning | SoCal Edison

David Jump, Principal | QuEST

Alan Pong, CEO | Comfort International

Zachary Brown, Sustainability Manager | CBRE

3:00 PM


Mananya Chansanchai, Interim Program Lead, Emerging Technologies | PG&E

PG&E's Pacific Energy Center, 851 Howard Street, San Francisco, CA 94103
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