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ETCC Quarterly Meeting: Transforming Commercial Spaces with Emerging Technologies


Commercial-sector construction is booming. The national rate of remodels jumped 23 percent from 2013 to 2015 and that trend is even hotter in California, which is home to 7 of the 15 top commercial renovation markets. Meanwhile, the rate of new construction starts is finally approaching pre-recession levels. All the new construction and renovation activity across California translates to massive opportunities for energy efficiency in commercial sector. Emerging technologies can play a major role in realizing these opportunities while also boosting businesses’ bottom line.  Join us for our first Quarterly Meeting of 2017 as we explore the ways utilities and customers are turning theory into practice to achieve deeper energy savings within the rapidly evolving commercial sector.

The meeting will open with two roundtable discussions addressing how California seeks to transform commercial building construction and renovation practices, as well as how expanded meter / submeter data solutions are creating all-new efficiency opportunities. The afternoon will include two panels focused on specific technologies and solutions that enable commercial buildings to make the leap into the next generation of energy efficiency.


9:00 AM        Breakfast and Networking

10:00 AM      Introduction, Safety and ETCC Updates

  • Edwin Hornquist, Emerging Technologies Program Manager, Southern California Edison

10:10 AM      Welcome Remarks

  • Steve Galanter, Principal Manager, DSM Engineering, Southern California Edison

10:15 AM      Roundtable: The Role of Emerging Technologies in Transforming the Commercial Market

Market transformation has been defined as altering market behavior so that energy efficiency becomes standard practice. But what has been the track record for accomplishing this in a cheap, rapid and irreversible manner?  Are there important differences between transforming commercial building renovation practices versus new construction? And what is the sweet spot for emerging technology programs to contribute to market transformation?  This roundtable will tackle these questions and set the stage for a lively discussion of policy trends and technology advances creating new options for market transformation.

  • Facilitator: Carol Yin, Yinsight
  • Mark Rehley, Senior Manager, Emerging Technology & Product Management, Northwest Energy Efficiency Alliance
  • Edwin Hornquist, Emerging Technologies Program Manager, Southern California Edison
  • Derek Okada, Senior Manager, Policy & Planning, Southern California Edison
  • Mark Kootstra, Supervisor, Energy Deployment and Market Facilitation, California Energy Commission

11:10 AM      Roundtable: Enabling Deeper Savings with Meter Data

New measurement methods promise to deliver greater savings and improve cost effectiveness. These methods could enable integrated solutions and can better validate their impact. This roundtable will focus on current policies and trends and their expected impact as program implementers apply the latest options for measuring energy savings in commercial buildings.

  • Facilitator: Ryan Bullard, Program/ Project Manager, Policy and Planning, Southern California Edison
  • Mary Ann Piette, Director of Building Technology, LBNL
  • Sasha Merigan, Analyst, Energy Division, Energy Efficiency Group, Metered Energy Efficiency and Emerging Programs, California Public Utilities Commission
  • Shahana Samiullah, Ph.D., Sr Manager, Measurement and Evaluation, Southern California Edison

12:00 PM      Networking Lunch (provided)

1:00 PM        Panel: Implementing System and Meter-based Technologies

This panel will present examples of how different technologies are going from theory to practice to achieve deeper savings through system and integrated approaches. Technology experts will share new methods and insights for commercial building energy savings.

  • Moderator: Brian Smith, Principal Analyst, PG&E
  • Peter Schwartz, Building Technology and Urban Systems, LBNL
  • Neha Arora, Project Manager, Southern California Edison
  • Jon Moeller, CEO, Mach Energy

2:05 PM         Break

2:20 PM         Panel: Capturing Greater Savings with Emerging Solutions

This panel will explore specific ways that emerging technologies and practices are serving as building blocks for next-generation energy efficiency programs that transform commercial building practices. Speakers will address their efforts to keep end-users central in program development and delivery and to lock in holistic energy solutions as standard practice for commercial buildings.

  • Moderator: Anuj Desai, DSM Planning & Compliance, Southern California Edison
  • Bill Livingood, Group Manager, Commercial Building Systems Integration, NREL
  • Abhijeet Pande, Associate Vice President, Building Science Research, TRC
  • Aaron Panzer, Director, Business Development, Ecova

3:25 PM        Wrap-up

  • Edwin Hornquist, Emerging Technologies Program Manager, Southern California Edison

3:30 PM       Continued Networking

Audio recording of the event:

SCE Energy Education Center, 6090 N. Irwindale Ave, Irwindale, CA 91072 and via Webinar
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