Up to 2 million smart home devices impacted in new hacker attack

The advent of connected technologies in the home presents new opportunities for energy savings, comfort, and security. But in this nascent sector, security is a major concern.  Now, new research released by security firm Akami Technologies reveals that as many as 2 million smart home devices were hacked and usernames and passwords were harvested in an attempt to access websites with those credentials. The hackers evidently exploited a protocol that has been identified as insecure for at least a decade, but many smart technology makers haven’t addressed or don’t know about. For consumers who are increasingly adopting technologies from thermostats to toasters that are online, Akami advises taking basic security precautions, such as changing factory default usernames and passwords, activating firewalls, and disabling vulnerable channels. However, it remains to be seen whether product makers and consumers will be able to stay ahead of the hackers in this rapidly-evolving sector.