Ecobee releases new connected home offerings

Along with Nest and a few other companies, Ecobee has been a pioneer in the connected thermostat space. Over recent years, the company has rolled out wireless remote room sensors, geofencing, and various advanced algorithms. These features--along with similar offerings from other thermostat companies--have led to energy savings for some customers, as well as increased comfort, ease of use, and utility demand response potential. But the new Ecobee4 launch marks a new direction for the company. Not only does the product line include a refreshed thermostat, but Ecobee is also offering connected lighting controls. Furthermore, the products are among the first incorporate Amazon’s Echo with built in microphones and small speakers embedded in the light switches. As the efficiency sector seeks a more comprehensive “ecosystem” approach to connected devices in order to maximize energy savings and customer satisfaction, this is a significant milestone. Whether the technology is widely adopted by customers and operates in a beneficial, secure manner is the next step. Stay tuned!