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Advanced LED Sports Lighting Retrofit
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Investor Owned Utilities 
Commercial, Public, Other
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2015 - 2016

Project Summary

The goals of the project were: 1) to demonstrate the impact of precise light distribution of LEDs on energy efficiency and lighting quality 2) improve the lighting for broadcasting; 3) complete ballpark lighting control system to improve energy efficiency through control and allow demand control at the site; 4) enhance the entertainment venue potential of Petco Park by creating a fully immersive spectator experience; 5) position Petco Park for future lighting additions to the control system such as additional color changing LEDs and new architectural lighting.

Petco Park sports field lighting operates approximately 500 hours annually. As a result of the advanced LED lighting retrofit, Petco Park will realize a total estimated demand reduction of 611 kW which translates into a total estimated energy consumption savings of 305,550 kWh, a 48.3% reduction.  Table 1 below outlines the baseline and the advanced lighting project demand reduction. 

                                                          Table 1: Demand Reduction from Baseline to Replacement

Application                              Baseline System (kW)       Replacement System (kW)    Demand Reduction (kW)
Field and Emergency Lighting               1234.2                                      639.3                                   594.9
Housekeeping Lighting                            31.6                                         15.4                                     16.2
Total                                                       1265.8                                      654.7                                   611.1

Baseline System:                                                                                   Replacement System:
472 x 2320W (HID 2000 watt for field lighting)                                        476 x 1343W (LED 1343 watt for field and emergency lighting)
80   x 1740W (HID 1500 watt for emergency lighting)
68   x 464 W  (HID 400   watt housekeeping lighting)                             114 x 135W   (LED 135 watt for housekeeping lighting)

 As a result of this project, SDG&E’s Business Energy Efficiency Rebate Program now offers a $0.20 per watt rebate for qualified LED sports lighting. This business rebate could change for a variety of reasons, please check for the most current information.

LED Sports & Athletic Field Lighting Fixtures Requirements (as of 5/25/2016):

The total system wattage of the replacement lighting system must be less than the total wattage of the existing lighting system
New fixture refers to new equipment being installed based on fixture (lamp and driver) wattage
Qualifying fixtures must be listed on one of the following lists:

Statewide Customized Retrofit Offering Procedures manual for Business Appendix E: Table of Approved LED Lighting & Utility Approval Process(xls)

Lumen Maintenance - IES TM-21-11 shall be used for projecting lumen maintenance

The TM-21-11 life shall be 30,000 hours minimum

New fixtures must replace existing Metal Halide Exterior Sports & Athletic Field Lighting Fixtures greater than 400 watts (including ballast)
Exterior installations must be qualified for exterior use

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