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Project Title 
Advanced Lighting Controls for Demand Side Management (Demand Response Assessment)
Project Number 
PGE 0826
Investor Owned Utilities 
Commercial, Public, Industrial
Project Year(s) 
2008 - 2009

Project Summary

This report summarizes the functional performance and demand response (DR) potential of  three advanced lighting control technologies that were assessed in office environments in Northern California. The technologies assessed included the Adura LightPoint System, Universal Demand Control Lighting (DCL) System and DEMANDFlex ballast, and the Echoflex Solutions system.

The assesment approach was two-fold, including functional testing of the system (i.e. did the control technology work as intended) and quantification of load shedding resulting from use of the controls.  The control strategies were also evaulated for ease of installation, reliability, and customer acceptance.  Additional technology performance criteria, including system costs, are presented in the report. For more information, please contact the sponsoring organization.

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