Advanced Retrofit of Modular Classroom

Educational Facilities
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Educational Facilities
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Electric Energy Savings
Product Evaluation
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Building Controls
Building Envelope
HVAC, Commercial
Lighting, Commercial
Southern California Edison (SCE)
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Project Summary

This project evaluates the potential energy savings and determine the cost-effectiveness associated with different levels of retrofits using energy-efficient technologies that are implemented within a relocatable classroom building structure.
This project consisted of two phases. Phase 1 identified and recommended the retrofit upgrades to be implemented. Phase 2 dealt with the installation, monitoring, data collection, analysis, and report performance of the technologies implemented. This project aims to inform relocatable classroom managers of the most cost effective and viable energy efficiency options for the facilities they manage based on its location, so they could implement those technologies as a package to achieve deep energy savings and possibly site Zero-Net Energy (ZNE).

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