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Project Title 
Assessing the Demand Response Capability of a Remotely Controlled, Stepped Dimming Lighting System
Project Number 
DR 05.01
Investor Owned Utilities 
Project Year(s) 
2005 - 2006

Project Summary

In this project, a wireless energy management system was installed in a government office building to evaluate the demand response effectiveness of this technology. The wireless system investigated in this project used modular components which could be activated by either the customer or the utility through any computer connected to the internet. This newly available product was installed to verify that the technology works and to test it in real world conditions. Two types of load, lighting and a chiller, were controlled. Dimmable ballasts for fluorescent ceiling lighting were installed that were controlled by the wireless energy management system. The internet software allows the authorized user to change the lighting level from Full Off to Full On in 10% increments. An on/off control was installed on the chiller to signal the existing chiller controls.

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