Automated Demand Response in Title 24, Part 6: Stakeholder Outreach Assessment

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Commercial Office
Educational Facilities
Government - Institutional Facilities
High Technology
Medical - Healthcare
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Demand Savings
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Demand Response
Pacific Gas and Electric (PG&E)
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Applied Research
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Title 24, part 6 requires non-residential buildings be built and commissioned with several components of automated demand response infrastructure. There is a code compliance “industry” that has evolved as a result of past building commissioning requirements and the need to ensure that code required activities are known of by those who need to comply and completed properly.

While energy efficiency has been pro-actively promoted within the compliance industry for many years, automated demand response is relatively new to the industry, and many people in the building and construction industry are not familiar with the state’s DR (and integrated demand side management, IDSM) policies, code requirements, or utility DR program offerings available. Anecdotal evidence obtained through standards trainings and demand response program activities indicate that outreach activities designed to increase awareness and understanding of the broader DR policy objectives, code requirements, design strategies, and Auto DR program offerings will improve compliance with the automated demand response systems, and ultimately enable greater participation in DR.

This assessment conducted research to determine outreach strategies and preferences to improve compliance with the demand response requirements in Title 24, Part 6 and to build understanding of the multiple market actors in the compliance industry, their motivations, and the challenges each group encounters in the field. 

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