Automated Shallow Demand Repsonse Report

Project Number: 
DR 06.05
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Demand Response
Southern California Edison (SCE)
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Project Summary

The rationale behind automated shallow demand response (ASDR) is that enabling “shallow” demand response (DR) events, which require only a 5% to 15% demand reduction attracts greater participation among customers who find DR programs onerous or even prohibitive. Phase 1 of this project evaluates an ASDR implementation at six different sites: supermarket, hotel, middle school, refrigerated warehouse, small manufacturer, and mall. Demand reductions range from 5% (mall) to 38% (refrigerated warehouse) of the facility demand. Detailed results are reported in the DR 05.02: Automated Shallow Demand Response report. Phase 2 of this project further explores the possibility of using short-term revenue meter data as the baseline for evaluating demand reduction during a DR event with results reported in this report.

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