Automatic Fume Hood Sash Closure

Industrial / Manufacturing
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PGE 0607
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Industrial - Manufacturing
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Product Evaluation
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Pacific Gas and Electric (PG&E)
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Project Summary

Fume hoods keep laboratories safe and clean by removing unwanted gasses through filters and exhaust fans. But in the process, they consume considerable electricity. One laboratory fume hood uses as much electricity as three homes and produces the greenhouse gas emission equivalent of six cars, and there are approximately 28,000 fume hoods in PG&Es service territory. In this study, a Variable Air Volume (VAV) hood was outfitted with an automatic sash closure system that is controlled by an occupancy sensor. The study took place at two UC Davis laboratories. Results indicate per hood potential annual energy savings between 4 to 13 kWh and 2 to 3 therms per CFM.

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