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Business Energy Reports Evaluation
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Investor Owned Utilities 
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2015 - 2017

Between November, 2015, and October, 2016, PG&E used two vendors to provide approximately 65,000 small and medium business customers with monthly Business Energy Reports (BERs). An additional 25,000 customers were randomly assigned to control groups.  Report types included peer comparison from both vendors, and goal-based from one of the vendors. A deeper analysis into the degree to which BERs were effective under different conditions, e.g., time of year, type of industry, etc., as well as how they impacted enrollment in energy efficiency programs, was a secondary goal of this analysis.

PG&E conducted an initial trial with one of the vendors in 2013-2014 (ETPGE8511).  The results of that assessment are included in Appendix B.

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