CAISO Telemetry Solution Over Broadband Lab Test and Proof of Concept

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Demand Savings
Pacific Gas and Electric (PG&E)
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Applied Research
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CAISO has telemetry requirements for Proxy Demand Resources (PDRs) that are greater than or equal to 10MW or provide ancillary services. The ability for Demand Response Providers (DRPs) to meet the telemetry requirements in a cost effective manner could unlock more DR to be bid into the wholesale market and meet the various needs of the grid. In Phase 1 of this assessment, PG&E commissioned a white paper to explore the landscape of existing technologies that could meet the CAISO requirements. Based on the findings of this paper, a Phase 2 study was pursued in the lab study described in this report.   The lab study explored the technical feasibility of using a Zigbee to broadband gateway communicating to a cloud RIG.  Two off the shelf devices were tested - the Rainforest EAGLE and the Universal Devices ISY – for their ability to send data accurately and reliably to Olivine’s CAISO validated Remote Intelligent Gateway (RIG). 



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