Characteristics of Energy Information Tools for Commercial Customer Demand Response

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Product Evaluation
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Building Controls
Demand Response
Pacific Gas and Electric (PG&E)
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Commercial customers that want to minimize their monthly peak demand and maximize the benefit they receive from participating in Demand Response (DR) programs need accurate predictions of their future (e.g. day ahead or longer) demand profiles and guidance on how to maximize their demand shed and occupant comfort during DR events.  Vendors now offer products that offer to do just that by using historical utility meter interval data and local weather data, mainly outdoor air temperature.  This project is focused on developing and assessing criteria metrics for evaluating these energy information tools specifically with respect to how they function in supporting commercial customer enrollment and participation in PG&E demand response and general peak demand management, with an emphasis on small/medium commercial sites that defaulted to Peak Demand Pricing (PDP) tariff in late 2014.

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