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Commercial Behind the Meter Battery Energy Storage System M&V Study
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Investor Owned Utilities 
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2015 - 2019

The 5 MegaWatt Energy Storage Systems (ESS) are being evaluated as a Demand Response Load shedding system for commercial customers.  In addition to Demand Response, the systems shift load from on-peak time periods to off-peak time periods. The ESS functions by supplementing grid supplied electricity with a battery and inverter system.  When facility load approaches a pre-determined threshold for each utility meter, the ESS supplements the load in order to minimize the facility’s on-peak and noncoincident demand charges on a monthly basis.  The following items, among others, are detailed out in this comprehensive report:

  1. Fleet State of Charge over 5 MW
  2. Demand Reponse Particiaption Values under Capacity Builidng Model
  3. Shared Savings Model Effectivness
  4. Control Logic Operating the Batteries



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