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Project Title 
D2 – Residential Communication Protocols
Project Number 
Investor Owned Utilities 
Whole Building
Project Year(s) 
2018 - 2021

EPRI is utilizing internal resources in this supplemental program agreement to address specific EM&T focus areas for renewable integration, CS/T&D coordination, innovative residential DR technologies, ZNE market assessment for grid impacts, CEC EPIC DR-related activities at EPRI, and tech transfer of EPRI activities for SCE programs related to EM&T goals. This effort will enhance SCE’s future opportunities for customer engagement and is in alignment with SCE’s technology road map.

The Project will be examining communications strategies for “connected” residential electrical end uses for their ability to be harmonized with SCE Grid Mod technologies such as IEEE 2030.5 (SEP2)and DNP3 (IEEE 1815). This project will review architecture and use cases of OpenADR 2.0B (IEC 62746-10-1) as a parallel secure platform as well as ANSI CTA-2045 and ISO/IEC 15116 V2G. Coordinated by the EPRI cyber team