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Dispatchable Condensor Air Pre-Coolers
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Investor Owned Utilities 
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2015 - 2018

Dispatchable pre-coolers have the potential to be used for utility load management if pre-coolers can be demonstrated to be a guaranteed demand reduction resource. Building on prior work testing evaporative pre-coolers, complete a laboratory study to determine the transient response and load profile reduction of a Roof Top HVAC unit (RTU) after a pre-cooler is turned on. This data will be used to determine the potential of using RTU pre-coolers as a dispatchable load balancing resource. Secondly, a field test of the dispatchable pre-cooler technology utilizing a site with existing RTU pre-cooler installation will be completed if lab test results are favorable. As part of the field test the response time will be measured when a load-shed signal is sent as well as the economics of dispatching pre-coolers from the utility and customer perspective.

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