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DR-TTC Dynamic HVAC Test Chamber
Project Number 
Investor Owned Utilities 
Project Year(s) 
2021 - 2022

The SCE’s Technology Test Centers (TTC) evaluate a variety of technologies in controlled environments that mirror real-world conditions and customer experiences. This generates comprehensive performance data and innovative test methods which are used by SCE customers, policymakers, and utility programs to make informed decisions regarding the investment and application of cleaner technologies.

The current ratings for residential/small commercial HVAC systems are based on steady state lab test methods that are not sufficiently representative of field performance. Dynamic testing or load-based testing is necessary to better characterize the performance of the actual advanced controls of these heat pump systems. TTC seeks to build a test chamber capable of advanced dynamic HVAC testing at the facility in Irwindale, CA.

Current TTC HVAC lab test capabilities are limited to steady state methods that disable native HVAC controls. A dynamic test method, such as CSA EXP07, produces metrics/results that include operation of native controls. It is important to find out if HSPF2 and SEER2 or SCOPh and SCOPc provide ratings representative of field performance when equipment is operated under its own controls and under loads that vary with ambient temperature.

Additionally, the test chamber could also be used to test small commercial self-contained refrigeration equipment.