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Project Info COMPLETE Project Title Efficient Electrification opportunities for Breweries and Wineries Project Number ET19SCE1150 Investor Owned Utilities SCE End-use Process Loads Sector Commercial Project Year(s) 2019 - 2021
Tasks 1. Survey of Craft Brewing Industry Identify common brewery configurations, typical equipment needs, process and operational characteristics through internet research, phone interviews, and site visits with end-users to characterize the energy and water intensity of the craft brewing industry.  2. Survey of Technologies Identify technologies and manufacturers providing innovative solutions for energy efficiency and electrification in breweries. Case studies and existing assessment efforts to be identified, with associate data / findings collected as available. 3. Survey of Related Beverage Industries (optional task) If five or more participants join the collaborative, expand survey to include related industries, such as wineries and/or craft distilleries, as guided by the participants. Identify commonalities with the brewing industry, and compare opportunities between the industries to direct engagement efforts. 4. Technology Assessment Review data gathered in Tasks 1, 2 and 3 to assess the energy, demand, water, and emissions impacts, and analyze the cost impacts of the technologies identified. 5. Technology Transfer Periodic reporting of project status and findings through regular conference calls and webcasts. A final report to be prepared that summarizes project findings, along with an executive summary presentation in PowerPoint format.
Project Results
Project surveyed energy usage of micro-breweries, to determine gas and electricity efficiency potential. Proposed measures included heat recovery chillers, heat pump water heaters, electric forklifts, and process CO2 capture.