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Project Info ACTIVE Project Title Electric High Capacity Forklift Demonstration Project Number ET19SCE1140 Investor Owned Utilities SCE End-use Process Loads Sector Industrial Project Year(s) 2019 - 2022
In order to quantify the impacts of electric forklifts in outdoor applications and dispel the perception / misconception that electrics cannot perform in outside settings and adverse weather, EPRI intends to conduct electric outdoor forklift demonstrations at various locations. New learnings will be realized by quantifying actual data collected from end use customers through data collection on each truck and analysis of this data from each demonstration. Estimates of overall impacts for an outdoor application will be researched and documented for use Supplemental Project Agreement 11/12/19 Page 2 Agreement No. 20008972 – Project ID No. 1-111087 by end users across the country. Any benefit from the research that a funder receives is incidental to the benefit received by the interested public. This project is planned to have one funder to be the host site provider with a minimum of three additional participants. The project objectives are: · To gain and understand new learnings within the 15,000 pound (or more) outdoor capable electric forklift market through a demonstration of outdoor electric trucks performance compared to their internal combustion truck counterpart and quantifying the impacts of electric compared to the conventional fuel. · Characterize the forklift and monitor its kW use, kW demand, kWh, load factor, energy profile over time of charge, V, I, pf, Battery Voltage, Battery A-hrs., and Battery State of Charge (SOC%) over the course of the test · Conduct the field demonstration for a period of minimum six months. · Document our demonstration, data, potential impacts and findings and share the results with the funders. · Understanding the market for high capacity forklifts that are over 15,000 pounds. · Produce audio/video materials for eliminating the common misconceptions among customers