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Emerging Technologies Water Energy Pilot Implementation at East Bay Municipal Utility District

Project Number PGE 0824 Organization PG&E End-use Plug Load Sector Industrial Project Year(s) 2008 - 2010


Project Summary


PG&E partnered with the East Bay Municipal Utility District (EBMUD) to implement a demonstration project involving multiple distribution pumping plants. The goal of the project was to define the impact that water distribution system operators could have on pumping efficiency when equipped with a tangible energy intensity feedback metric. Based upon this feedback, the operators could make informed decisions regarding which pumps to run under varying flow and pressure requirements as well as determining optimum timing considerations regarding when to operate various pump combinations and for how long.

Specific task objectives included implementing monitoring of real-time pump energy consumption into the SCADA system for select pumping plants, developing an energy metric to act as a tool for pumping plant operators’ for optimizing pumping operation, and assessing the potential for improving pumping plant energy efficiency through use of the developed energy metric. An additional objective was the identification of non-energy benefits that could be attributed to real-time energy intensity monitoring.

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