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Project Title 
Empowering Energy Efficiency in Existing Big-Box Retail/Grocery Stores
Project Number 
Investor Owned Utilities 
Whole Building
Project Year(s) 
2017 - 2023

As part of EPIC GFO 16-304/EPC-17-008 Center for Sustainable Energy along with their project partners will design and demonstrate the impact of an integrated suite of energy efficiency technologies in an existing Big Box retail store. The technologies include lighting upgrades, HVAC/refrigeration controls, and a novel supervisory controller that provides whole-building optimization that results in a reduction of electricity consumption at subsystem levels. The goal of the project is to demonstrate that the technology package will achieve site electricity savings of >20% behind-the-meter. The resulting data (measured and modeled) will be used to validate the demonstrated technologies’ performance and move them into the mainstream market. The project results can be replicated and deployed in other buildings across California with similar end-use and system characteristics.