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Energy Efficient Flight Conveyor Dishwashers
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Investor Owned Utilities 
Process, Water Heating
Commercial, Public
Project Year(s) 
2016 - 2017

High efficiency conveyor best-available technologies. The energy and water savings potential at 70% nominally versus conventional conveyor dishwashers installed in commercial kitchens is promising. The real-world savings per installation is actually greater as many older dishwashers are poorly maintained, using a lot more energy and water than specified. The scope of the project would comprise monitoring the energy and water use of an existing flight-type conveyor dishwasher at one location, and installing, monitoring, and showcasing the best-available technology in another location. A comparative analysis between all four tiers of commercial flight-type dishwashers. Real-world savings would be measured to develop utility incentives and ROI information. It is a must-use technology in the dishroom to help approach net-zero energy in large commercial kitchens.

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