Field Testing of Climate Appropriate Air Conditioning Systems

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ET12SCE1091; DR12.17.00
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Markets Segments: 
Commercial Office
Project Type: 
Demand Savings
Electric Energy Savings
Type of Technology: 
Demand Response
HVAC, Commercial
Southern California Edison (SCE)
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This report examines variable capacity technology as applied within unitary packaged rooftop air-conditioning units, an HVAC configuration commonly used in commercial buildings in the United States. The purpose of this study is to provide a resource for evaluating and potentially implementing a program for variable capacity rooftop units to promote energy efficiency, peak electrical load reduction, and/or increased flexibility (such as for demand response) in commercial space conditioning equipment. 

This study provides new information to the growing body of documented performance for VC-RTU equipment. By mapping efficiency, capacity, power draw, and air flow rates, in every operating mode, and across a range of climate conditions, this study paints a clear picture of the VC-RTU’s characteristic performance capabilities. The study also presents an application specific assessment of performance for the installation observed to better understand the system’s advantages in a particular application that posed a number of unique challenges.  

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