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Project Info ACTIVE Project Title Foodservice Refrigeration: High Efficiency Condenser and Evaporator Units Focused Pilot Project Number ET22SWE0054 Investor Owned Utilities SWE End-use Process Loads Sector Commercial Project Year(s) 2022 - 2023
This Focused Pilot project will identify and address the comprehensive set of barriers associated with the purchase and installation of commercial high-efficiency condensing units (HECUs) and high-efficiency evaporator units (HEEUs) used in walk-in coolers and freezers and remote condensing refrigerated cases, most commonly used by food retail customers and restaurants. The Focused Pilot will partner with high-efficiency evaporator and condensing unit manufacturers, distributors, and operators to prepare a comprehensive market characterization study, test two potential midstream incentive program designs, and perform onsite equipment testing and energy simulations to present a series of program implementation recommendations as well as compile all data points needed to prepare a measure package for these measures.