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HAN with Mobile Applications
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Other, Whole Building
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2010 - 2012

This review primarily investigates the demand response (DR) and control capability of the Home Area Network (HAN) technology along with the integration of a mobile application. Secondarily, it estimates the energy saving potential and discusses user feedback.

The HAN system with Mobile Apps monitors and controls home devices from a vendor online portal or via a proprietary mobile application for iPhone or Android platforms. Home devices can include thermostats, pool pumps, and other devices that can be plugged into a standard electrical outlet. It has direct support for DR with the ability to program individual functional responses for attached devices. The system can monitor and report on home energy consumption via installed CT clamps on power lines (Smart Meter Integration is available).
The technology was successful in providing a power drop during a simulated DR event. The range of power drops that were found during the simulated DR event was from 0.1kW to 1.9kW. DR functionality was good, with some minor opportunities for improvement that the vendor is likely to address quickly.

The users responded with some minor installation and connectivity issues, most of which were fixable via simple troubleshooting. Overall the technology is successful in providing its functionality in a user friendly manner. The inclusion of a mobile application allows users to monitor, control, and respond to DR events conveniently, and was received well.

The reviewed technology has the added feature of having two communication methods. The devices are able to communicate over Powerline and RF. This allows the technology to be ported to residences with multiple meters, where the HAN needs to be crossed over multiple circuits.

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